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Choosing Plants like a Pro

If you are looking for a place to find out how to choose the best plant for your landscape project, read on. After the circulation paths have been created, the hardscape has been installed, and the trees are in place. It’s time to pick out the plants that will be viewed at eye level.

For your project, you want plants that will perform, bring in lots of color and texture, and take care of themselves (within reason).

A simple trip to the local home improvement store will not do. You want the results to match the pictures in the magazines and catalogs. There is a special magic to getting great results.  Rather than bore you with lessons in Latin and science, you can find mentoring tips here in non-technical lingo.

The information is for professional-level landscape planting plans for public, commercial, industrial, and high-end residential sites. Because there is a significant cost involved, it is important to choose well and to choose carefully what and where you plant.

Let’s get started. Here’s a link to the soon-to-be published draft version 0.0 of a new Advanced Guide to Shrubs, based on years of experience working with the pros and evaluation of thousands of landscape projects.  

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What is the Best Plant?