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Georgia Blue Veronica

Georgia Blue VeronicaI am trying out a new ground cover—Veronica penduncularis ‘Georgia Blue’. It seems to offer just about everything you would want in a ground cover. It is evergreen, with foliage turning slightly purple in the winter. It blooms over a month, starting in late winter or early spring. It stays almost flat to the ground. It grows quickly and spreads in a two-foot circle. It becomes drought-resistant with time. It can handle both full sun and partial shade. It is hard to Zone 4. Wow! If this new ground cover delivers on all its promises, I will be impressed.

I planted four-inch pots in late fall, and the plants have already spread to about nine inches in diameter. The winter foliage was slightly darker during the cold weather. It survived a brutal cold snap in January. It is blooming sporadically in mid-February, and I am hoping there will be many more tiny, bluebells as the weather warms. The flowers have four petals and are violet-blue with a white eye in the center. So far, Georgia Blue Veronica is growing into its catalog description very nicely!

A Ground Cover which Lives Up to the Hype