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Being Raised Right

This is what the tree looked like before.

pruning mistakes

















This is what it looked like after it was pruned.

pruning mistakes

Some people might say, “There’s no accounting for taste.” I don’t agree. This obvious pruning tragedy was a result of a missing aesthetic reference for quality. If you were never taught what is beautiful, you won’t be able to recognize beauty or appreciate it enough to preserve it.

Contractors can be taught. A maintenance work plan must be specific about how work should be accomplished. It must be specific about the consequences of non-compliance, and who will be responsible for monitoring the work. Follow through with punitive fees for not following clear maintenance specifications.

High quality maintenance pruning is something that comes naturally for some people, but others need to be taught. Crews can be taught by trained supervisors. Field trips to see both good and bad examples of pruning can help. You cannot assume that everyone working on your landscape project will be sensitive to natural forms and artistic shapes. 

Good Pruning Requires An Aesthetic Reference for Quality