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Seasonal Plant Sync

Easter plants, early spring plantsThere’s a moment, every year, when you realize that spring did arrive and life will go on. Consciously or subconsciously you are reassured that winter has been pushed away once again. It is the moment when the earth sprouts with chartreuse and lime yellow and pink and purple and white—the Easter colors.

By the time the early spring plants sync, it’s beyond time to do a lot of gardening musts, like pre-emergent herbicide applications and transplanting dormant and bare root plant material. No matter, because the euphoric effect of this color riot is just too cheerful and encouraging to slow you down. Everyone becomes a gardener for a few weeks, planting seeds and buying fertilizer. This is the time we put out new annuals that will be zapped by a late frost, because the hard freeze of the winter is long forgotten. Optimism is the norm. What a great time of the year

for outdoor spaces!

Here are some of the reliable, cheerful early spring favorites. Why not combine them all into a focused area of your landscape? The synergistic outcome would be glorious.

• Redbuds

• Daffodils

• Yoshino Cherries

• Saucer Magnolias

• Forsythias

• Spiraeas

• Pieris

• Yellow-variegated Conifers

• Carolina Jessamine

• Thrift

• Irises

• Violets

• Trout Lilies

• Toothwort

• Rue Anemones

• Trilliums

• Hellebores

• Tulips

• Pansies

• Daylilies (new foliage)

• Hyacinth

Early Spring